Trickbot Forensic Analysis

Trickbot Analysis

Incident Response Triage

The lifecycle of incident response with triaging and analysis fully explained

Elasticsearch ELK and packetbeats integration with BRO

Elastic Stack system based on BRO logging detailed

Windows Event Forwarding WEF centralisation

Windows Server WEF configuration explained clearly within one piece

Monero Cryptojacking

A detailed breakdown article written on Monero mining and crypto-jacking

BRO IDS setup and usage

BRO aka ZEEK logging on a SPAN network setup explained

Malware Globe

An implementation of encom globe to display Geo IP data of C&C intelligence

Network Segmentation

A summary of the benefits of LAN network segmentation

SIET Cisco Smart Install Vulnerability

A breakdown of the Cisco device VSTACK vulnerability and its exploitation

Shodan search toolset explained

Shodan DORKS explained and listed

Threat Intelligence Summit 2018

A rundown of all presentations and talks from a 2018 summit

Digital Foresnics

Digital forensics and the volatility framework

RPF/Access list/IP Spoofing prevention

Yersinia DHCP exhaustion, Arpspoof


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